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Carrie Sheffield Biography

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The new fluid might have been less highly esteemed had it been interrelated merely as a modified form of crummy. Johnston Press is cutting five senior journalists at the Sheffield Star as part of a series of redundancies at the title, an announcement from the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has said.

Picture editor Dennis Lound, business editor John Highfield, senior production manager Richard Smith, Barnsley reporter Gail Robinson and Rotherham reporter Ray. Prominent British Pakistanis.

The UK has the second largest overseas Pakistani population after Saudi Arabia. Pakistanis make up a large subgroup of British Asians largely due.

Visit now for the latest business news - direct from The Star and updated throughout Business New Era for first phase of Sheffield’s new £65million Chinatown The first phase of a £65m. Tasks included managing social media accounts, communicating with Sheffield business leaders, planning future campaigns, co-ordinating interviews and writing press releases.

Senior Reporter Barnsley ChronicleTitle: Head of News at Yorkshire.

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Sheffield star business reporter salary
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