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Two columnists depart from Glasgow's Herald in row with Rangers

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There are also vending machines in the mood area selling cold drinks and most. Scotland’s Sunday Herald newspaper is closing and will be replaced by the Herald on Sunday, Newsquest has announced today, while Scottish daily the National has a new Sunday sister title.

The Evening Times is an evening tabloid newspaper published Monday to Saturday in Glasgow, Scotland. She spent three years working as a reporter and editor on a number of business publications focusing on housing, the environment and health.

The Scotsman and the Sunday Herald (Glasgow), which. A historic Renfrewshire-based global engineering business is set to be sold in a move that creates uncertainty for hundreds of Scottish jobs.

It has emerged that executives are are looking to sell the Glasgow-found Howden Group which employs over staff in 15 countries - including over at. Find links to Scotland newspapers and news media. Discover the most extensive Scotland newspaper and news media guide on the internet.

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The paper, an evening sister paper of The Herald, was established in The paper's slogan is "Nobody Knows Glasgow Better". Publication of the Evening Times (and its sister paper) Business. The Evening Times and The Herald are owned by Newsquest (a division of Gannett).

Glasgow herald business reporter
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