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Dark fantasy

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Explore Kris Davis's board "4 book report ideas" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Reading, Reading projects and Teaching reading. In order to create your book report project, you must have completed reading either a science fiction or fantasy book.

For your project you will be re-telling your story in the form of a children’s book. Book Report/Literature Response Ideas You will use creativity, art, proper grammar, punctuation, spelling and literary response skills in writing a response to a book you have read.

Carving Fantasy Characters: Patterns and Techniques for 15 Projects [Floyd Rhadigan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Learn to carve 15 different lighthearted fantasy characters such as an elf, troll, pixie and more with detailed patterns and instructions. Response Projects and Requirements 1.

Fantasy Book Report - ABC Paper Bag Book Project for grades 3-6

Design and make your own t-shirt. Illustrate a scene or character from the book on a t-shirt. Write a short summary of the scene and explain why it. Painting and Decorating Clay Pots: Step-by-Step Projects For Painting People, animals And Fantasy Characters On Terra Cotta Pots [Natalie Kunkel, Annette Kunkel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This book presents decorative ideas and instruction for transforming ordinary clay pots into fun and decorative personalities.

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