Centripetal force lab report

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Check out the science essays, circular motion -problems.

What is a centripetal force?

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Physics Lab Report Centripetal Force Essay

The editors should be clearly marked and played. In the laboratory do sufficient minor safety risks e. Do not use any resources in which the marble is not until the middle. Centripetal Force Lab Purpose: 1. To study the nature of Centripetal Force 2.

To measure the relationship between Centripetal Force, mass, and velocity. Procedure {Centripetal Force} One lab partner then proceeds to swing the apparatus, while the other one times how long it takes for the system to complete twenty revolutions using a stopwatch.

This value was recorded in a table, and compared with Samples of Student Report Sections. Apr 12,  · Uniform Circular Motion Lab. Uniform circular motion occurs when the object has constant speed and constant radius and centripetal acceleration occurs when there is instantaneous acceleration directed towards the centre of the circle.

Centripetal Acceleration Lab Essay Sample

the relationship between frequency and radius, mass and centripetal force is, 1.) The radius. Purpose of lab: To be able to determine the relationship between centripetal force, mass, velocity, and the radius of orbit for a body that is undergoing centripetal acceleration Background Information: Centripetal forces are forces that hold a revolving object in hanging weight on the end.

The 5/5(1). In this lab you’ll explore the factors determining the centripetal force acting on a body traveling in a circle. By this point you should have already learned the centripetal force equation relating these factors. Force is a push or pull (the swinging of the hanger) that causes an object with mass (the penny) to accelerate.

So, Force of the hanger is equal to the mass of the hanger and penny, times the acceleration given by swinging the hanger.

Centripetal force lab report
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